Sunday, September 2, 2012


Hey everyone,

yesterday, I was in my hometown Vinkovci. It's a small town, but it's very beautiful and me and my bf went for a stroll and decided to take a few pics by Bosut, a river that goes through Vinkovci.

As I was reading some of the comments on fashion forums, pages etc., I noticed a lot of people are talkin s*** about the ''mullet'' dress, and I think it's partly because it became so popular this year and everyone is wearing it, but I am in love with this trend! It can be sort of  ''the dress that didn't know if it wanted to be short or long'', but I think it looks really good and if you style it up in the right way, it can look fabulous.

Another trend that I love and that is being terrorized are summer boots. Especially by the guys :) I wore them this summer most of the time.

I'm wearing a dress that was long and I cuted it into a ''mullet'', Forever 21 ring and bracelet which is actually a necklace (I love doing that in case you didn't notice;)), Sweewe leather jacket, bag from E-bay and Dolcevita boots.




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