Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lace and whiskey

Hey everyone,

I'm back on the road, going to my hometown again. We have this anual festival called ''Vinkovacke jeseni'' and it's really fun and crazy, so I'm kinda excited for it.

Few days ago, I borrowed this beautiful dress from my friend Maja and I wanted to share it with You. It's a white lace dress and it doesn't have anything underneath it, so I wore it with a simple black dress. I like how it's kinda pikabu :) I wasn't into lace at all, but after this dress, I really like it and I have to lace up my closet ASAP.

I'm wearing H&M lace dress, H&M black dress, Roberto shoes, Zara bag and mom's vintage necklace.




1 comment:

  1. famozna haljina! pre dobro ti stoji! ne znam kako prije nisam naisla na tvoj blog :)
    navrati na moj da se pratimo ako ti se svidi :)
    pozz iz Pariza