Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wind of change

Hello my Lovelies!

Long time no hear :)

I have a little thing to run by you guys and I would love some advice. I've been thinking about changing the name of my blog. I feel that maybe Rock 'n' roll Fairytale is too long. I still want to keep the main things in it - fashion and music, so I was thinking about Coats&Notes; it's catchy, it rimes and it sums up my blog. What do you think? Change or not?

Soooo, my fav time of the year is approaching which means layers, layers layers...! And that makes me so happy. I'm into big scarf which are huge right now... u can wear them as a scarf or do your own thing and make them into a cape, coat...
Dugo se nismo čuti :)

Trebam vaš savjet. Razmišljam o promjeni imena bloga. Mislim da je Rock 'n' roll Fairytale možda malo predugačko. I dalje želim da ime obuhvaća suštinu moga bloga - modu i glazbu, pa sam razmišljala o Coats&Notes (kaputi&note).
Što vi mislite? Mijenjati ili ne?

Približava se moje najdraže doba godine, što znači slojevi, slojevi, slojevi ...! Obožavam velike šalove i trenutno su u punom mahu, a možete ih kombinirati na razne načine...
ZARA shorts scarf
H&M jacket

Peace & Love



  1. beautiful lipstick and sunglasses! I say yes to the name change. I've changed mine twice and coats & notes has a nice ring to it!

  2. if you want to change your url then I say go for it! you look gorgeous btw and literally, I'm loving layering up too!
    Lazy Obsession