Monday, September 30, 2013

Simply the best

Hello my Lovelies!

Sooo many shows on sooo many Fashion Weeks... but I have to talk about my favorite one, and suprise, suprise, it's Balmain :)

If you've been reading my blog from the begining, you know about my little obsession with Balmain. And at Paris Fashion Week, Balmain spring/summer 2014 didn't escape my adoration. The power shoulder, the gold, the black, the leather, the hugh gold jewelry...! Some of the pieces reminded me of Chanel, which is another brand that is a part of my madness and combine the two... well, I'm in love. I can see myself in all of these outfits and I think that if I could, I would wear Balmain every day. And now I need to stop beacuse I'm border line fanatic :)

What about you guys? Balmain? Any other favorites?




  1. Hahaha! It's Balmain, not Bla bla blamain. And you wrote it three times... Oh, this cheered me up :D

    1. Thank you for correcting me, I didn't notice that at all :)

  2. uvijek savrsene kolekcije