Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hello my Lovelies!
The sun is shining, I just got back from a ski trip, with a small burn on my nose that makes me look like Rudolf, but nevertheless, I'm just happy. Life is good. I found this old shirt in the back of my closet and thought it was a got statement considering my mood these days.

And I have a quick question, I've gotten an e-mail the other day, girl asking me to do a video. Are you guys interested in something like that and if so, beauty or fashion? Feel free to leave me a comment below or you can e-mail me.

I'm wearing ZARA jeans and shirt, H&M and Forever21 jewelry and a bag from a street stand.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Should I stay or should I go?

Hello my Lovelies!

I know I've said that my next post is going to be with the second skirt that I recently bought, but in the meantime I received this great dress and had to wear it.

It's a bandage dress, but I wore it in my own kinda way so it doesn't look so evening wear and I love it. I'm actually thinking about turning it into skirt, I think it would be a great piece that I could wear in so many different ways and occasions, be sure to tell me your thoughts: should it stay a dress or do I cut it?

I'm wearing H&M/Forever21/eBay jewelry, Platino boots and Udobuy dress.



Monday, March 3, 2014

86th Academy Awards

Hello my Lovelies!

So, the Oscars are behind us and first of all I want to say how disappointed I am that Leonardo DiCaprio didn't win. I think he's an amazing actor and although Matthew Mcconaughey deserved it too, Leo should have won this year.

Now let's get down to fashion! I have to say I wasn't too impressed with the fashion this year, so my selection is going to be small too.

Number 5 is Camila Alves in Gabriela Cadena.
Pale pink gown, that is draped over one shoulder. 

My number 4 is Charlize Theron in Dior.
Sculptured dress with an interesting neckline.

In number 3 I have Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen.
Elegant, classically beautiful and perfectly fitted dress.

Runner up is Lupita Nyong in Prada.
I'm in love with this picture which makes the dress so much more wonderful.

And my number one is Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace.
The caped shoulders and the structure of the dress just won me over.

Do you guys have favorites?